5 Tips for Growing a Brand From Smart Coach Co-Founder Jessica Johnson


PUBLISHED: February 23, 2024
Smart Coach Co Founder Jessica Johnson

Jessica Johnson, the 29-year-old co-founder of Smart Coach, is on a mission to redefine education and help individuals achieve their goals. The entrepreneur, who describes her journey as one marked by determination, innovation and a relentless pursuit to create impact, says she has seen her company grow from zero to generating $500,000 per month with close to 1,000 students using its online programs. Johnson says these five strategies and principles have helped her propel her brand to the level of success it has reached thus far.

1. Master one platform: Focus on quality, not quantity

In the ever-expanding landscape of social media and digital platforms, it’s tempting to spread yourself thin by attempting to establish a presence on multiple channels simultaneously. However, Johnson’s approach stands in stark contrast to this common belief. Instead of trying to be everywhere, she advocates mastering a single marketing platform.

Success in the digital realm hinges on expertise and excellence within the chosen channel. To achieve this, Johnson emphasizes the importance of devoting all efforts into becoming the best on that particular platform. Managing multiple channels can lead to divided attention, potentially leading to the quality of content and engagement becoming diluted. By concentrating on a single channel, one can dedicate more time, energy and resources to perfecting it and achieve optimal results.

2. Solve a big problem: Addressing pain points

Johnson’s business philosophy centers around solving significant problems for her customer base. She firmly believes that people are willing to pay for products and services that alleviate their major pain points. Rather than pursuing vague or minor inconveniences, the co-founder focuses on addressing challenges in three fundamental areas of life: money, health and relationships.

These core aspects of human existence are intertwined with personal well-being and fulfillment. People tend to be eager to invest in solutions that enhance their financial security, physical health and emotional connections. By recognizing and catering to one of these needs, Johnson has positioned herself and her brand as a valuable resource in the lives of her customers. Solving big problems fosters trust and loyalty, paving the way for sustainable growth.

3. Get 1% better daily: The power of incremental progress

Smart Coach’s growth can be attributed to its commitment to continuous improvement, according to Johnson. Rather than making sweeping, dramatic changes, the company’s approach revolves around making countless small daily improvements that accumulate into substantial progress over time.

Johnson advocates the philosophy of getting 1% better each day. While the impact of a 1% improvement may seem minor in the short term, its significance becomes apparent over an extended period. This approach contrasts with the typical desire for instant success or the pursuit of “home runs.” By consistently seeking incremental improvements within the business, Smart Coach has achieved a level of refinement and efficiency that sets it apart from competitors, the co-founder says.

4. Hire the right team: The importance of alignment and values

In any endeavor, the quality of the team plays a pivotal role in determining success. Johnson underscores the significance of building a team that shares a common mission and values. She also believes that a team’s effectiveness is contingent on its weakest member. Therefore, it is important to ensure that each person is aligned and working toward a unified goal, fostering a sense of purpose and cohesion. A mutual focus on impact and a commitment to the same principles are crucial elements in creating a harmonious and productive work environment.

5. Use paid advertising: Amplify your message

Johnson says paid advertising has emerged as a game changer for Smart Coach. Though the brand had already been growing through organic means, the addition of paid ads catapulted its results to new heights. By investing in paid advertising, the company has been able to amplify its message and reach a broader audience.

The co-founder feels that this strategy not only increases brand visibility but also accelerates growth. Paid ads are a valuable tool in attracting more individuals to view the content and services offered by a brand. Johnson recognizes the potential of this approach and recommends it to Smart Coach’s students, empowering them to leverage paid advertising to kickstart their own businesses.

By mastering one platform, solving significant problems, embracing continuous improvement, assembling the right team and utilizing paid advertising, Johnson has seen Smart Coach grow into a thriving, impactful venture—a journey she considers a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence and business acumen. The company’s growth is based on not just its revenue but also its ability to make a difference in the lives of thousands through education and empowerment, she says.

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