5 Tips for Channeling Your Inner Confidence

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How do you channel your inner confidence?
Naomi Shah

I channel my inner confidence through humor and not taking everything super seriously. Being younger and female in an older, male-dominated industry, my natural instinct is to act older than I am. However, I often feel the most confident when I open up to people, am vulnerable and let my guard down.

—Naomi Shah, CEO and founder of Meet Cute

Marjorie Adams

I recognize the signs of a less-than-confident moment: blood rushing to the brain, cheeks blushing, increase in body temperature. Then, just like any thrilling adventure, I jump off the ledge.

—Marjorie Adams, president and CEO of Fourlane

Kris Canekeratne

I grew up competing in sports, and learned the importance of believing in yourself. While winning takes skill, it also takes presence of mind and heart. The best athletes are the ones who bring their entire being to the game. I try to do the same in business.

—Kris Canekeratne, CEO of Virtusa

Phyllis Reagin

My increase in confidence was a slow build of pushing past my discomfort and showing up for myself. Every time I decided to do a presentation, speak to a senior leader or raise my hand for a high-value project was one step toward building more confidence.

—Phyllis Reagin, CEO and founder of At The Coach’s Table

Jill Angelo

Through energy, a smile and diving into the work. I’ve learned not to overthink things for too long. Just get going, and allow some mistakes and imperfections at the start. It’s the fastest way to learn, and that’s the fastest way to success.

—Jill Angelo, CEO of Gennev

This article originally appeared in the January/February 2021 issue of SUCCESS magazine.
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