3 Tools for Tracking Social Media Unfollowers

If you're a small business owner, you probably keep a close eye on your social media follower counts on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. So, when you see that number drop a notch, you really want to know who parted ways with you. 

Here are a few social monitoring tools to assuage your mind. 

Visit SocialFixer.com, a browser extension that customizes your Facebook experience. After it’s installed, click “Layout,” then “Friend Tracker,” and keep a keen eye on all your peeps. It'll show you, "You are no longer friends with: John Doe 30 minutes ago." You can also create tabs that separate your Feeds into topic categories, such as News, Shopping, Friends who Incessantly Post Pictures of their Babies. 

Some robo-tweeters are quite useful. Follow the UnFollowr account on Twitter to receive a direct message every time you lose one of your minions. The timing may be a clue to what’s driving them away.

On Pinterest, there's only one way to track down your unfollowers: Grit your teeth and shell out $2.99 for the iPhone’s Followers on Pinterest app. Now what? If you’ve got the nerve, ask those former friends or customers why they’ve ditched you, which could be quite instructive. Maybe you can lure them back with a coupon or special offer.

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