3 Keys to Happy, Healthy Relationships

3 Keys to Happy, Healthy Relationships

3 Keys to Happy, Healthy RelationshipsAlways make time to listen—truly listen—to the special people in your life. We can be so distracted by the technology in our lives that we tend to lose sight of what’s right in front of us. Taking a moment to stop and focus on the other person can make them feel important and understood.

Beth Kuchar, president of Innovate Pasadena



3 Keys to Happy, Healthy RelationshipsIt’s extremely important for me to take time to completely unplug and disconnect from the internet when I’m with my friends and family. Burnout is real and affects everyone—especially entrepreneurs. Although taking time off can be difficult, especially when you run a company, I find it pays back large dividends. After spending quality time alone with my loved ones, I always return to work re-energized and more productive than ever. And every startup follows the lead of the CEO, so it’s important to model balance and emphasize the importance of family and relationships.

Laura Hertz, co-founder and CEO of Gifts for Good


3 Keys to Happy, Healthy RelationshipsCommunication is key. Listen,  discuss, challenge, be open-minded and help each other achieve personal goals. Manage expectations by setting goals as a family, and work together to achieve those goals. Celebrate accomplishments. Make family traditions a top priority. Be sure to set aside quality time together. Above all, don’t bring work stress home.

Josh Onishi, CEO at Peace Dining Corporation


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This article originally appeared in the Fall 2018 issue of SUCCESS magazine.

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