2016 SUCCESS Achiever of the Year: Taylor Swift

UPDATED: January 10, 2017
PUBLISHED: January 10, 2017


“I’m intimidated by the fear of being average.”

Swift continues to be a force in the music world. She pivoted from country to pop music in 2014 with her album 1989 and in doing so, set countless records. She sold more than 1 million albums in a single week for three of her albums, a rare accomplishment during an era in which album sales have dropped drastically for most artists. In addition, her net worth is valued at $250 million and in 2016 she was No. 1 on the Forbes “Celebrity 100 List”—which ranks celebs by how much money they earned in the given year—for raking in $170 million. Swift has a philanthropic streak, too. She raised $1 million with a benefit concert to help people affected by the Louisiana floods in 2016.

  • 29 Grammy nominations and 10 wins, including 2016’s Album of the Year (1989), Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Music Video
  • First woman ever to have twice won Album of the Year for her own albums and Best Pop Vocal Album
  • Youngest artist to win an Album of the Year Grammy (for Fearless at 20)
  • More than 40 million albums sold
  • More than 130 million song downloads


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This article originally appeared in the February 2017 issue of SUCCESS magazine.

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