12 Ways to Turn Stress Into Productivity

Stress is a natural part of being human, and though some people do the best they can to avoid it, the most ambitious among us recognize that a life without stress means a life avoiding some of the most exciting and rewarding challenges available. That said, even the ones who put stress down as a necessary evil are missing an important opportunity: Stress can be hacked. You’ve felt the power of stress for sure, but if you’ve always marked it as a negative power then you’ll have overlooked the possibility of taking that energy and using it to enhance your achievements.

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Take for example the stress involved with starting a new job. Whether you’re nervous about meeting new people or of being unprepared for the challenges you’ll face, try to redirect that energy toward tasks to counter those notions. Before your first day, do some research into the sector, the company and, if appropriate, the tools and software. When you arrive on your first day, don’t let your shyness or fear of saying something wrong prevent you from making an impact. Rather, ask questions and listen hard, and you will learn quickly about the people and the business, all while making an impression as a determined and inquisitive new colleague.

If you’re a bit further on the journey, and it’s a clash with a colleague that’s causing the stress, use it as an opportunity to assess the situation from your point of view and theirs. Hold a pen and paper in your hands and you are far more likely to start noting problems, patterns and solutions, rather than just sitting and fuming. Once that stage is over, you can approach the individual.

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Whatever the stressful situation, if you can harness your energy toward practical solutions, then stress can actually help you through. For more ideas on how, check out the infographic below and start focusing your fears today.

12 Ways to Turn Stress Into Productivity


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