10 Tips to Create the Future You Deserve

UPDATED: March 27, 2023
PUBLISHED: March 27, 2023
woman thinking about her future

The future, quite literally, is now, and the March/April issue of SUCCESS magazine is devoted to laying out all the reasons you should be optimistic about it. Here are 10 ideas to create your future that you can put to use immediately:

1. Find your niche to create your future.

Feel free to poll your customers on what they really like about buying from or working with you. When you have a healthy data sample, you can revisit your business plan and niche down. 

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2. Practice and show gratitude.

The reasons for gratitude are all around us. But maybe journaling isn’t for you. So how about this instead: Today, give a friend or family member a call out of the blue and tell them why you’re grateful for them. 

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3. Sketch out the future you want to create.

If you’re human, you have at least a few bad habits. Here’s a thought exercise: If a certain number of those habits don’t change, what is the likely result? If what you come up with scares you, make a change. 

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4. Consider the source.

Here’s a journal topic: Write about the reasons that might’ve been behind your last naysayer’s negativity. If it’s a friend or family member, consider whether they are just being protective.

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5. Find your people.

If you find yourself identifying with one or several of this issue’s new thought leaders, head to the bookstore and dive in. Immerse yourself in their methodology for a while to see if something sticks. 

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6. Adjust your attitude to help create the future you want.

There’s no better time than now to lean into optimism, and there are few better reasons to trust in the future like studying the past. Read a tale of human achievement this weekend. 

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7. Make sure you have a clear vision.

Your vision is the backbone of your leadership abilities. When chatting with a team member or colleague, ask for their interpretation of what you’re trying to achieve—and don’t judge them for their answer.

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8. Eat a balanced diet to create a better future.

Some dietary factors have been shown to have an effect on your mental health. Set a goal to integrate just two more servings of fish onto your plate every week—we suggest salmon. 

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9. Connect with others.

If you’re looking for compatriots, consider signing up for an adult recreational sports league, or find another local club you might be interested in. Everyone needs social time and connections—even solopreneurs. 

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10. Analyze the status quo to create your future.

There’s never a bad time to conduct a personal inventory. How is your life going in terms of happiness, health, growth and purpose? When you are honest with yourself, you may find room to improve. 

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This article originally appeared in the March/April 2020 issue of SUCCESS magazine and has been updated. Photo by WAYHOME studio/Shutterstock

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