10 Smart Food Apps to Help You Stay on Track

UPDATED: May 19, 2023
PUBLISHED: September 23, 2017

Eating healthy while also running three side gigs, launching a new company, keeping up with friends and making time to exercise seems impossible. Let these apps do the heavy lifting. With everything from a voice command recipe app to a food diary app, we have it all.

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1. Fooducate


If you’re trying to maintain a healthy diet, this app will track your progress and give you a food grade at the end of the day that measures your calorie intake quality. You can also use the app to scan barcodes at the grocery store to see how healthy certain products are.

2. Harvest

($1.99, iOS only)

Fruit and veggie lovers can use this app while shopping for groceries to see which produce is in season. It’ll also give you tips on how to select fruits and veggies to make sure they’re fresh and ripe.

3. SideChef


Love to cook but have trouble following a recipe? This app makes it easy by giving you step-by-step instructions via voice command. Still lost? Watch how-to videos throughout to learn things like how to chop garlic properly.

4. HealthyOut


Have plans to eat out somewhere indulgent with friends, even though you’re on a diet? Fear not! With the HealthyOut app, you can search popular restaurants across the country and set filters for what you’re looking for—something under 600 calories, something low carb, etc.

5. Lifesum


If you’re trying to stick to a diet but find yourself overwhelmed by the time it’ll take to lose weight, this app is for you. You input your health data and lifestyle goals, and it creates a personalized, step-by-step plan to help you meet them.

6. MyNetDiary


This all-in-one healthy eating app makes your journey to become healthier easy. It has myriad tools: You can count your daily calories, see how many calories certain foods have (from a database of 789,000 items), input your water intake and track your overall progress.

7. Foodstand


For the people who need motivation buddies to help them on a path to a healthier life, this app is for you! Partake in community good eating “micro challenges” centered on things like eating less processed food, eating more veggies and eating fewer meat products. Some of the first challenges include things like not eating added sugar or drinking alcohol less than once a week.

8. Thrive Market


At Thrive Market, you can shop for all of your favorite (and potentially obscure) health food snacks and drinks. The best part? Most of the products are at a discounted rate from what they would be on the store shelves!

9. Is My Food Safe?


Many of us fall victim to the Is my chicken cooked? or Is this too expired to eat? thoughts on a regular basis. With the Is My Food Safe? app, you don’t have to worry ever again. It will answer all of your questions, from the best internal temperature for meat, to whether or not it’s time to toss something.

10. Pepperplate


Whether it’s Thanksgiving or just a big family dinner on Sunday, you don’t have to worry about special diets or quantities thanks to Pepperplate. The app allows you to scale your recipe for however many people you’re cooking for, make alterations to recipes based on special diets and import recipes from other sites to create a full menu.

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