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SUCCESS magazine is based in a northern suburb of Dallas—and I can read your mind: You’re thinking, “That’s ground zero for Ebola!” On a respected national news show this morning, a banner beneath the anchors’ desk screamed, “Ebola invades the U.S.!” Am I scared for myself and my family? Well, when it was reported that a second health worker at...
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“Am I in the right job at the right company?” “Am I doing what I am meant to do?” “How can I find my dream job? Is there such a thing?” Who hasn’t asked these questions?It’s easy to ask these questions at low points: The person who recruited you leaves for a new job, the project you put your heart and soul into goes flat, or an important client is...
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What do you call a moment that is packed with power, one that inspires you to work harder and live better? Phil Lussier, board chairman of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, labels it a “mission moment”—a moment that reminds us of the real purpose behind that hard work and better living. Lussier was a Make-A-Wish parent first, and after his child’s wish was granted, he felt...
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Everybody fails. There comes a time when even the most successful leaders have a strategy that fails or a plan that backfires. But how do you pick not just yourself back up, but your team that looks to you for answers, support and stability?Remember this, a phoenix must have both wings to fly. To be the epitome of resilience, encouraging your team to rise from the ashes of disaster and soar like...
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The first time I can recall my sense of humor having a dramatic effect on my life was when I was in the third grade. I was performing in our school play, Alice in Wonderland. No, I wasn’t Alice. I was Humpty Dumpty—you know, the egghead who was damaged irreparably when he found out he didn’t have worker’s compensation.It was opening night and the auditorium was packed with...
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The month of October and Major League Baseball playoffs have become synonymous, and so have certain MLB teams that consistently make the playoffs (and others that don’t). The Chicago Cubs are sitting at home... again, while the St. Louis Cardinals are chasing another world championship. Here’s the ultimate question: What is it about some teams that they can consistently play at a...
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The newest and sixth season of the Emmy Award-winning show Shark Tank premiered last week, which means I’ll officially be glued to my television set every Friday night. If you can’t find me at home watching it tonight, go ahead and file a missing persons report because something is seriously amiss.If you aren’t familiar with the show, small-business owners get a chance to pitch...
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