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How’s your New Year’s resolution coming? If you’re anything like me, you have inevitably put off your resolution at least once. Resolutions often dissolve as quickly as they are developed—for many of us, nothing really changes after New Year’s Day. The uncomfortable truth is that only 8 percent of people actually keep their resolutions, according to research by...
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Confession: I did something crazy. I wrote a blog post about being fired from my first job as an intern (“6 Reasons I’m Thankful You Fired Me”). But that wasn’t the craziest part of my wild behavior. Because as soon as my declaration was published, I looked up my former boss—yes, that boss—and emailed it to her.She responded later that day, and we reconnected...
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Change takes new ideas. Uncomfortable, audacious, unprecedented new ideas. Unfortunately, sometimes our big new ideas aren’t always welcome.After a recent speech, a woman raised her hand and said, “I have ideas, but I’m not sure my organization really wants them. What do you do if no one is interested in your new ideas? Do you stay?”      ...
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SXSW Accelerator 2014

Oh my God Becky. Look who buried the lead. South by Southwest (SXSW) officials announced today the startup finalists, judges and emcees for its 7th annual Accelerator Competition, taking place March 14-15. Oh and by the way, Sir Mix-a-Lot is emcee.Nestled halfway through the fourth paragraph of the press release:"In addition to the 2015 Accelerator finalists, the judges and emcees were also...
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There are 24 hours in a day. You know that. I know that. I don’t get more than you, and you don’t get more than me. Yet some of us do way more with the hours we all get. Some of us are successful in life—and some of us are not. So what separates a successful person from the rest of the pack?I’ve discovered a pattern when it comes to achieving success in all areas of your...
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We’ve all been there. A senior-level executive dismisses you as sweetie or one of your male employees refers to you as his colleague when you are very much his boss. The gender gap is alive and well in the startup industry, but is it starting to close? As a female founder, I’ve experienced the pendulum swing of the gender imbalance issue. At the start, I began to notice that my...
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A few weeks ago, we celebrated our annual 180 Communications Christmas party—a remarkable mixing of our personal and professional lives. I know inside other offices and companies, it’s a dreaded annual obligation, but while at our event, I witnessed pretty amazing camaraderie between our team and family members. From a home-cooked meal to a White Elephant gift exchange that left us...
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