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Little things matter. Big dreams can be undermined by small decisions and actions day by day, conversation by conversation. These seemingly small things—often given little thought—communicate more about who you are than you may realize or intend.First impressions are so powerful that they can override all other information we are told about people. A recent study shared at the Society...
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Growing up, I hated exercising. I could give you a dozen reasons for why I couldn’t exercise—bad knees and mild asthma were just two—but really, I just strongly disliked the sports I played. I joined the local YMCA volleyball team, took group tennis lessons and played basketball with my athletically talented brothers—and I hated every minute of every activity.Fast forward...
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As a leadership expert, John C. Maxwell stands tall among business thought-leaders. Throughout his writing and speaking career, I’ve admired his work and the lessons I learned from his numerous best-selling books.Less than a year after I finished writing A Game Plan for Life: The Power of Mentoring with the legendary UCLA coach John Wooden, the mentor to many passed away. The coach had...
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We all have failures and setbacks, but they can be our best opportunities to learn when we pause before we decide what to do next. Next time you fail miserably, ask yourself: Is it a bump or a brick wall?Advice like “Be persistent and keep going!” may miss the important step of adapting to new information and circumstances. Likewise, a setback isn’t a reason to say, “It...
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In an upcoming issue of SUCCESS, we’re devoting the monthly Corner Office column to a prolific inventor who says his secret to ingenuity, which has led to some 80 patents, is to “try to learn the source of a problem.”I would like to think those words of wisdom led me to the smart solution I recently discovered.See, I’ve always dreamed of inventing a great product everyone...
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Editor’s Note: In honor of Independence Day, I wanted to share this story written by Fox News’s Brian Kilmeade, my co-author on George Washington's Secret Six. We talked about the importance of recognizing the everyday heroes who contribute to our nation’s greatness in big and small ways.I had no idea where my research of the Culper Spy Ring would take me, and what resulted...
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When I was in seventh grade, I got beat up by a skinny little girl with an umbrella.To paint that picture perfectly clear, I’m saying a girl about 3/8 my size took her umbrella and beat the ever-living crap out of me with it. In front of people. It was a Hello Kitty umbrella to add insult to minor injuries. It seemed a little immature to bring a Hello Kitty umbrella to school at that age,...
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