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“I’m just afraid I’m not doing enough as a mother—and maybe I’m not even doing it right at all.”A young working mom, her eyes misty and tired from little sleep, quietly shared that with me. And I’ve had a version of this conversation with too many women recently. But I’ve been there, too.To these tired and stressed mothers, and other caregivers, I...
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Have you ever stopped and thought about your definition of success? We often go to experts and their expert advice for direction—to show us the way to wealth, respect, fame—believing that to get to their same level of success, we’ve got to follow in their exact footsteps, do precisely as they did. But in reality success isn’t the same for that person as it is for you....
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I left a stable office job at 22, traveled a lot and become an Internet entrepreneur in Budapest, Hungary, by 24. Seriously, I did. Want to know how? Here goes:When I was 22 years old, I had everything I thought I always wanted. I had a good job with a good salary at a successful company, in Budapest of all places. I had a promising career in front of me. Even with that “bright future,...
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Nobody wants a wallflower. I hate to break it you, but it’s true.The vocal minority may complain when somebody really pushes the boundaries, but in all honesty, people want to have their world shaken up a bit. They want their buttons pressed. People want to stand up and take notice, and be wowed by what they see.But this has nothing to do with outward aesthetic traits like having Ryan...
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One night after a 12-hour rehearsal for a parody production of The Wizard of Oz, I was driving home from the city, anticipating a relaxing night at home. I was in a great mood, having spent a long day playing the Cowardly Lion. I didn’t think there was anything that could wipe that satisfied smile off my face or stop my fingers from happily drumming to the radio. But as the famous line...
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In my never-ending quest for the inner causes of outer wealth, I believe I have discovered its bedrock foundation.That foundation is wisdom. It is the fount from which all other success principles flow.I think a lot about the concept of inner and outer success, and believe your outer world is a direct reflection of your inner world. Trying to change your outer world with no care for your...
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Have you ever been fired? Do you know why? In “3 Clues You Were a Bad Intern,” Christina—whom I fired 14 years ago—talks about breaking unwritten rules of the professional world. Signs you’re doing it wrong, if you will. But what I’d like to ask is this: Is there only one way, one set of rules, to get it right?No.        ...
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