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As a society we are slowly transitioning from a mechanistic view of life toward one that is more holistic in nature. Simply said, instead of thinking in parts we’re thinking in wholes (whole being a derivative of the same root words holy andhealthy). And this is a good thing, because having just part of something sucks. I want the whooole chimichanga. Or enchilada. Really, any Mexican meat...
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Car analogies are great for describing how motivation works, but my favorite is one you probably haven’t heard before: Engage your gears. It means putting your life into drive and positioning yourself in the middle of the action, where ideas are happening.Take fashion designer Giorgio Armani. After spending time in the armed forces, Armani worked as a department-store window dresser—...
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Let me let you in on a little secret…. It takes a lot of hard work to get somewhere in this world, to create the career you’ve always dreamed of.To experience success in anything, you usually have to take the path of most resistance. Oftentimes as you do so, you’ll get so focused in your determination that you develop tunnel vision. You become consumed with reaching your goal...
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Finally, the next big app made its way to SXSW Interactive. The successful launching pad of Twitter of years past had everyone’s appetite whetted to the next big thing. But when nothing emerged for years, there were whispers that the annual Austin tech festival’s had lost its bleeding edge.Not this year. You’ve heard by now that the live streaming app Meerkat made a huge splash...
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If we just do this or don’t do that we’ll be happy and have the career of our dreams, right? That’s what experts and advice-givers say. Well, I’m sorry to say, there is no simple formula, no one-size-fits-all solution that’ll create the perfect career.This topic has gotten very personal for me. Right now I have one son deciding on colleges and degree programs, and...
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It took me three years, but I've finally figured out SXSW Interactive, which wrapped up Tuesday in Austin. To some people, it's a conference, and to others, it's a festival. What's the difference?Conference-goers are the lanyard-toting, sensible shoe-wearing ones that shuffled into a 6 o’clock happy hour, looking for enough free h’or dourves to make a dinner of it...
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By now you know our story. I was a bad intern. Amy was my boss. She fired me and 14 years later, I thanked her—on Because hearing those words—“Today will be your last day”—taught me a lot, mostly that I was a horrible first-time employee, a newbie breaking the rules of a professional world that I’d just met.My public confession could have been...
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