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I was several years into the corporate world when I realized I wasn’t happy with the 9-to-5. Once the high demands and the intense pressure of corporate America began affecting me, both inside and outside the workplace, I began wondering if this was all there was. Working weekends and long hours to fulfill someone else’s dreams instead of pursuing my own dreams as a writer wasn’...
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Recently I got the news that my first boss in magazine publishing, Pat Miller, died after a battle with cancer. Pat was a Brit from Fleet Street, a friend of Rupert Murdoch, and when Murdoch started a woman’s magazine in America—something different, called New Woman—he tapped her for the job. The magazine became the moderate voice of feminism that was so needed at the time,...
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Do you think of a leader as someone else with a more important title or more experience? Think again. True leaders have more than impressive job descriptions and company anniversaries. They have influence and contribute to something bigger, not just to the work but also to the team.Candace joined my team a few years ago with big enthusiasm and a fresh perspective. She had recommendations on new...
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Do you know your boss’s leadership style? Your own? Experts say there are three traditional leadership styles:1. Autocratic—where the leader makes business decisions without referring to the others. This style allows quick decision-making and effective and close supervision of the team, but may lead to team dissatisfaction.2. Transactional—where both leaders and team members...
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I was 30 years old, modestly successful, living a life based on solid principles, and yet here I was in a meeting with some young punk with sleeve tattoos, feeling like a tweenager who was just called in to the principal's office.Why did I feel so intimidated? This guy was coming to my office to buy one of my wholesale houses. I was giving him a great deal, and he was going to make a lot of...
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If you’re reading this blog post, then you probably have felt the familiar sting of writing something you were really excited about, only to discover that just 12 people read it. We’ve all been there, trust me.As a blogger and social media manager for Post Planner, I’m often asked the secret for pulling readers in and keeping them coming back for more. Luckily, my experience...
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The first time I met Steve Jobs, it was at his house for my first interview at Pixar, something I never thought would happen, not even in my wildest dreams. During our conversation, we talked about my experience and how it could apply to a role he was looking to fill—a liaison between Disney (where I worked for eight years) and the producers at Pixar Animation Studios.After we talked about...
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