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Isn’t this supposed to be the season to be jolly—full of holiday parties and family gatherings? Then why are the people I know so grumpy? To bring a little bliss back when it was intended, I’ve decided to give the gift of laughter this year. Grinches—and your stress and arguments—be gone!Laughter, and the merriment that comes because of it, is one of our greatest...
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When I spoke at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point recently, I was the one who walked away inspired, having gained some incredible life insights, which I wrote about in last week’s blog. In addition, I was invited to be a guest lecturer, where I shared with cadets the habits of some great leaders—coaches and executives—I’ve worked with in the past.So, from West Point...
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Hello, December! …we said in an editorial meeting almost three weeks ago. It happens every year, that the busiest time here in the newsroom is the busiest time for nearly everything else going on during this holiday season. About as fast as Santa’s reindeer can fly, the deadline for holiday shopping approaches. But we’re here to help.Because you can’t give him socks every...
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Last week I got an email from an intern who worked for me back in 2000 and I hadn’t been in touch with since. She told me she had just written an article for and wanted to dedicate it to me.My heart dropped into my stomach. I know it wasn’t an homage because I fired this girl 14 years ago. I read the headline, “6 Reasons I’m Thankful You Fired Me” and my...
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Please add me to your LinkedIn network, your email dings you. Like you, I receive lots of LinkedIn invitations to “connect.” Most have no personal note of how we’ve met or what we have in common—so it’s not yet a real connection.In my book Make Waves: Be the One to Start Change at Work and in Life, I share that Wave Makers (people who started a change in their...
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Have you been wondering if a bus hit me? It did, in the form of multiple houseguests, holiday prep, children’s crises (like big school projects you just learned about that are due tomorrow) and an immense work load at the office. But although it ultimately took me over six weeks to finish the month-long Meditation Challenge, I am proud to say I completed it—and that it had a positive...
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One day I was walking along a pier in San Diego when I noticed a young woman dancing and softly singing to herself. She would occasionally stop and take a sip of her coffee. As I walked by, she waved and smiled, and it wasn’t just a run-of-the-mill, everyday smile. It was a radiant smile, and it was accompanied by an exuberant glow.  I mean, I actually felt uplifted by that smile...
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