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Before my family and I left for our European vacation a few weeks ago, I did what was needed to make sure I had a phone that would work overseas. I wanted to stay in touch with and be available for my office, but despite my best efforts, the phone failed me in Europe.I was frustrated at first, but my “broken” phone was actually a blessing in disguise—my unplugged life turned out...
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Summer break is almost over. The only upside to the pool closing and no more sleepovers during the week is that each new school year offers a fresh start full of possibilities.When I was a student, I wanted summer to last forever, but I also liked the back-to-school rituals—of seeing the new school schedule, finding out who was in my classes and most of all, buying new school shoes. I...
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Have you ever used fear as motivation? This might seem conflicting to some, but good fear can be a powerful stimulus in creating change—if you channel it the right way.The greats in sports and business know how to use their emotions to their advantage, and no one—in my opinion—exemplifies this principle better than Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Tony La Russa. Throughout...
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Last week I was asked to complete an “About the Author” questionnaire. I enthusiastically answered questions about my favorite words, best day and why I chose my career. The next question made me pause—for a long time. “What is the best career advice you have ever received?”I knew that one would take a few minutes, so I grabbed more iced tea and started writing my...
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Editor’s note: This submission is from our Start Small Win Big 2013 winner Mary Juetten, whose small business Traklight was selected by SUCCESS editors as our entrepreneur contest winner. Since her selection, Juetten has gone on to win several more awards for her small business and be featured on prominent conference panels. I recently sat on the “Startup Funding: Alternative Sources...
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Baylor University head football coach Art Briles has a fearless perspective on life. While writing our new book Beating Goliath, I realized that what started as a book venture about an exceptional coach had transformed into a collection of valuable lessons on navigating life’s challenges.Known most for his dynamic years of head coaching at Baylor and the University of Houston, Briles...
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Back in my stand-up comedy days, I’ve known many comics who put their happiness on hold. They had difficulty enjoying the process because they believed they wouldn’t be happy until they signed with HBO, got their own sitcom or movie deal, or whatever it was they thought would make them happy. I know—because I was one of them.Over the years I’ve seen close friends morph...
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