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Our upcoming November issue’s theme is wealth, and we’ve packed it full of moneymaking ideas. But if you’re a regular reader of ours, you know that our idea of “SUCCESS” is not just having enough cash to buy your own private island. So in that same issue, we included an article on the topic of living with less (and loving it). It focuses on people who have traded...
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The other day I noticed a box of bagels in the office and asked what we were celebrating. From behind a cubicle wall someone piped up: “Matthew didn’t write his blog.”I had forgotten that, way back in January, a handful of co-workers started a yearlong blog accountability challenge. And they were still at it, writing and posting to their individual blog sites weekly. The penalty...
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LeBron James has one. Rory McIlroy does too. Even Serena Williams believes hers is the reason for her success is. So what is it? A coach.From Little Leaguers to the highest of pros, raw talent isn’t enough to reach total success. The great ones know that it takes continuous help from effective coaches to advance to the next step in their professional lives.In the sports and business worlds...
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At our first meeting, my executive coaching clients typically start the first conversation by sharing their top priority and what they want to improve. I hear them describe the desires to communicate better, manage frustration with others and be a better leader. But a bigger issue often lurks below the surface.As we talk about their days and their lives, I hear accounts like:“I often work...
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Fresh out of high school in 1977, I entered the United States Military Academy at West Point. I had no idea how much I would learn or how the journey ahead of me would unfold. My cadet training shaped not only my leadership approach throughout my military service, but also influenced how I run my business today.My first year, I learned self-defense by hand-to-hand combat training using pugil...
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A few years ago, I spent four wonderful days in Kona, Hawaii, where I had the pleasure of speaking to a well-known financial group.My job was to give them the tools they needed to embrace the changes and intense growth they were then experiencing and would inevitably continue to experience in the coming years. I knew tensions were high, but I was prepared. And this is why:The morning before my...
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I was inspired by something I read by SUCCESS blogger Patti Johnson, who said back to school for kids is like adult New Year’s. She’s absolutely right. All the promises we make to ourselves as the calendar winds down to Day 365 and turns over to Day One are the same pledges that students make every summer’s end as they head back to school.I will be a better student.I will make...
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