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Sally Deneen

Sally Deneen is a Seattle-based freelance journalist and editor.


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Retail Revolution

Can a store with a "computer brain" change the way we shop?

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With a flick of the wrist, communication is being innovated.

Hometown Hero

Disabled before adulthood, Ralph Braun made mobility possible for himself and thousands of others.

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A global cellphone explosion is creating life-changing opportunities-- not only for the world's disenfranchised, but for entrepreneurs, too.

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After 20 years playing the bar scene, a musician finds purpose... and the most appreciative audiences ever.

Olympian Queen of the Ring

A horrible family secret that could've destroyed her only made Quanitta 'Queen' Underwood stronger.

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Take a break from your reality and check out these mind-expanding ideas.

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News station turns teleconference solution in wake of downturn.

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When consumers were scared off shrimp by the Gulf oil spill, one fishery turned a crisis into an opportunity.

American Comebacks

Business disasters come in many forms.

Jane Goodall: The Woman Who Redefined Man

A half-century after her first groundbreaking discoveries, primatologist Jane Goodall continues on her mission - empowering young people to improve the world.

Fragile Bones, Bold Ambition

Volunteering Can Help You the Most

The Facebook Age: Mark Zuckerberg

What began as a lark in the dorm of Mark Zuckerberg, 2010 SUCCESS Achiever of the Year, has changed the way people relate to one another.

The President Takes a Chance on Failure

Jimmy Carter was forcibly retired at 56, in debt and embarrassed. He could've played golf.

2010 SUCCESS Achiever of the Year Nominees

The nominees include Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Chris Anderson and Mark Zuckerberg

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Wedded bliss doesn't have to be hard to achieve... and other surprises about marriage

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Selling the Brooklyn Bridge

Ken Burns was intent on pursuing his childhood dream, and he wouldn't take no for an answer.

Mind-Body Connection

Become aware of ways your mental and physical fitness affect each other to achieve greater well-being, health and intellect.

It's a Family Business

How to Build a Well-Run Family Business (Or Compete with One)

When Your Dream Doesn't Work Out

How to Reinvent Yourself & Come Back Strong

Second Act

Often overlooked as Microsoft's co-founder, Paul Allen's greatest legacy may be in what he's done since.

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Helping young victims in war-torn Africa

Success Stories - Helen Gurley Brown

The Original Cosmo Girl

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Resources to Help Make Environmentally Friendly Choices Easier

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In his book Go Green, Live Rich, author David Bach discovered the value of a green life.

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