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Mike Zimmerman

Contributing editor Mike Zimmerman has written more than 50 celebrity cover profiles, many for Success, including Robert Downey, Jr, Anthony Hopkins, and Scarlett Johanssen. He's authored or co-authored nearly 30 books. The best advice he's heard from a successful person? "Take your work seriously. Don't take yourself seriously." --Denzel Washington

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The actor shows what it takes to achieve and maintain real success.

Stuff My Dad Says

The next time you want to ignore parental advice, remember Rashida Jones.

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The comedian, TV host and entrepreneur almost lost it all. His comeback offers a lesson for everyone.

Ties that Bind

Hollywood can be hard on relationships, unless you're Denzel Washington

From Goofy to Great

Comedy star and Oscar nominee Jonah Hill knows being underestimated can be a secret weapon

Denis Leary Is the Real Deal

For Denis Leary, success isn't all about angry rants and raw humor. It's about truth and authenticity-- in life as well as business.

The Rainmaker

What if you could generate money and attention simply by showing up? George Clooney does, and you can, too

ScarJo on Simple Joys

Ask her what makes her happy, and she'll give you a list.

No Apology Necessary

Ricky Gervais has taken some serious chances recently-- with maximum payoff. Here's how to raise your own risk (and reward).

SNL's Kristen Wiig Breakthrough from Shyness to Stardom

The Bridesmaids actress and comedian figured out a foolproof plan for success-- by becoming someone else.

Scarlett's Way

Scarlett Johansson has a never-fail method for achieving lasting happiness: pick the most difficult and painful path possible, and proceed.

Getting Secrets Out of the Agent

With so much of our personal information out there in the world, one man puts forth a compelling contrarian example: our own James Bond.

Decoding Zooey Deschanel

'The New Girl' star's natural appeal could show you a simple way to increase your own

A New Man, Once Again

Rob Lowe has never been more successful. How has he done it? By mastering a career strategy most of us have forgotten.

Slowhand's Success Secret

Guitar god Eric Clapton doesn't depend on talent and hard work alone.

Kristen Bell: Out of Her Comfort Zone

Sarah Marshall actress has learned success in work and philanthropy means getting uncomfortable.

Stephen, King of Business

This prolific best-selling author has a few secrets.

Hugh Jackman: Push Past Your Limits

A childhood back injury taught the X-Men actor what it takes to succeed.

Sales and Sex Appeal

Actress Scarlett Johansson shows everyone how to use allure to improve your sales results.

The Business of Being Robert Downey Jr.

Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man talks candidly about his rise and fall, and what keeps him from screwing everything up again.

Project Red Light

Jodie Foster knows what to do when other's actions threaten your project.

Dr. Oz's 4 Pillars of Longevity

Want to live to 100? Follow these simple steps...

The Doctor Will Speak to You Now

Mehmet Oz’s career has been on a steady rise since medical school, but now he’s achieved something greater: significance. He shares the secrets (and mistakes) that have driven his journey.

Conan the King

With his fantastic comeback, funnyman Conan O'Brien shares the secret to his success.

The King of Clutch

Derek Jeter has a plan to guarantee continued success long after his playing days end.

Play it Like Beckham

David Beckham learned there's no better motivator than being told you can't.

There Are No Small Roles

Glee's Jane Lynch has shown that even a bit part can be the path to greatness.

Career vs. Family: Ways to Make It Work

Al Roker & Deborah Roberts

On a Re-Mission

TV's Survivor, cancer survivor and now philanthropist Ethan Zohn has rededicated himself to using his experiences to improve lives on a global scale.

The Reinvention of Jackie Chan

The master of martial arts comedy once thought he had everything figured out. Until he realized he was living a lie.

Craig T. Nelson: Coach of His Success

The actor once chucked a red-hot career for--no kidding--a cabin in the wilderness. It led him to a lifelong pursuit.

Buzz Aldrin: the Rocket Man

How do you top walking on the moon? Buzz Aldrin figured out how to dream again--and to inspire others.

Eva Longoria: Hardly Desperate as Actress, Producer and Restaurateur

The 'Desperate Housewives' star is a businesswoman, philanthropist and positioning herself to become CEO.

Anthony Hopkins: The Oscar-Winner Finds His Place in the Sun

The celebrated actor, legendary for his Hannibal Lecter character, says choice makes the difference between success and failure.

Alicia Keys: Finding Purpose Beyond Music and Hitting All the Right Keys

The Grammy-winning singer and songwriter discusses her own keys to success

Deepak Chopra: A Life of Fullfillment

On Moving from Success to Significance

The Business of Giving: TOMS Shoes

Blake Mycoskie believes 'philanthropic capitalism' may be the best business model of all.

Your Personal Best: From Homeless to Harvard

Liz Murray rose from the streets of New York City to become an international speaker, author and life coach.