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Jim Motavalli

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How companies are repurposing waste

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A growing Kansas business demands hard work and makes it worthwhile.

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How the shoe company disrupted the market with soul

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How Elon Musk helps the co-founding brothers push their business forward

Four Market Disruptors

Innovation puts wind in the sails of Republic Wireless, SolarCity, Keurig and Red Bull.


Turning heads and winning customers

About Face: Companies That Reinvented Themselves

Against long odds, these companies survived near-death experiences.

Plugging in to Bargains

Automakers’ loss is consumers’ gain.

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There’s something in the water these days. A rising tide of young men and women are plunging into business with guns blazing. Here are 21 of the best and brightest.

Dawn Lepore: Start Up Strategist

A twice a dot-com CEO, this female executive specializes in business growth.

Self-Driving Cars

Tomorrow's tech is halfway here.

Want to Join the Crowd?

Websites are rarin' to help companies find investors.

Making it...from Scratch!

Business breakthroughs don't always require high-dollar help.

Culture Clash

How Greek-style yogurt dominated its competitors

21 Sales Stars

Top performers share their secrets with you

Big Data in the Real World

Practical uses for Big Data aren't merely theoretical.

Choosing a 'Big Data' Plan

How to hire data analysts for your small business

Mining Big Data

There's gold in those mountains of digital information piling up around us-- but how to extract it? The challenges are significant, and the business opportunities are huge.

Comeback Companies

If 2009 was a year of business disaster, 2011 offered opportunity for recovery. Here's how GM, Starbucks and Whole Foods have engineered turnarounds-- along with some of the lessons they learned.

Great Car-ma

Jetson-like modifications for your car

The Future is Online

Barry Diller brought us the ABC Movie of the Week, was at the helm at Paramount during the Raiders of the Lost Ark years, and helped shape The Simpsons while at Fox. But the media mogul is not looking back.

American Comebacks: Darn Tough Socks

To Make Socks in Vermont, You Have to Be Darn Tough