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Ann Corwin

Dr. Ann Corwin, better known as “Dr. Ann” or “The Parenting Doctor,” has made it her life’s work to develop logical parenting programs for parents and children. She’s a thirty-year veteran of early childhood education and the creator of The Child Connection™, a breakthrough methodology that revolutionizes the way that parents and their children connect. The DVD version of The Child Connection is available for purchase at, as well as her back pocket discipline plan, Parenting Passport: The Solution Every Parent Needs for No More Kid Trouble!

Her love for speaking and educating, along with her focus on prevention and helping families learn problem solving, makes her an extraordinarily gifted and sought after lecturer. Dr. Ann regularly speaks to groups of all sizes about The Child Connection findings. She’s also developed several problem-solving workshops for education and healthcare professionals whom she’s been asked to train by numerous professional organizations across the country. For parents of children between 1-3 years-of-age, Dr. Ann conducts interactive and educational programs called Toddler Talk.

A nationally recognized parenting authority, Dr. Ann has been featured on a variety of radio and television shows, including KOCE PBS, KCET PBS A Place of Our Own and COX Communications Cable. Her work has been published in Cookie Magazine, Simple Life Magazine, Journals and newspapers across the country. She is a regular columnist and parenting expert on

Dr. Ann offers numerous free resources to parents seeking help for tricky kid dilemmas with a breadth of public information available on her website where parents can browse problems by topic or read articles authored by Dr. Ann on major current events that affect parents and their children.