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Alice Daniel

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Her Second Home

Maria Bello talks about her passions-- acting, service and motherhood-- and how an impoverished nation captured her heart.

Information = Power

Tavis Smiley pushed beyond racial, economic and even family-imposed obstacles to take the helm of a media conglomerate.

Inside the Shark Tank

A rare visit to a taping reveals all the drama and intrigue you've come to expect from this hit TV show.

Motivating Children to Move

Tennis star and mom Gigi Fernandez is passing a love of sports to the under-4 set.

Off the Beaten Track

Ashley Fiolek may have been born deaf, but she was also born to ride.

Raising Her Voice

Deaf since childhood, Marlee Matlin leverages her celebrity to help others who are hearing impaired.

Stolen Innocence: One Woman's Fight Against Child Sex Slavery

Sold to a brothel as a child, Somaly Mam now leads an effort to rescue young sex slaves.

The Muppet Family Business

Muppet creator Jim Henson's children build a cutting-edge entertainment business, while honoring his creative legacy.

To Live Life Fully

For Dottie Lessard, every breath is a gift that she will never take for granted.

Modest Needs

Spare change adds up when it comes to helping people in financial crisis.