How to Think Your Way to a Better Life

April 6, 2016

I want to share with you a very simple mindset hack that you can use right now to change direction in your life.

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What you’re about to read is simple. That’s why it works.

So, if you’re willing to cast aside overcomplicated solutions and instead go straight for results, then keep reading.

The Inherent Dangers of Success

If you’ve ever been on a sailboat in the middle of the ocean, then you’ve realized just how small and insignificant a bunch of wood and canvas is against the mighty winds of the ocean.

And yet it’s not only possible but commonplace to leave the shore in a sailboat and return unharmed.

How is this possible? The answer is simple: When the captain of the sailboat knows precisely where he wants to go, those mighty and dangerous winds become tools in his hands for moving him to his destination.

Paint Your Perfect Picture

Most people cannot answer this question: “What does your perfect day look like?” In other words, they are in a sailboat without a plan.

Life is like the mighty wind. Powerful, sometimes dangerous and even unpredictable.

The people who have a specific plan are able to harness life and use it to propel them toward their goals. Those who cannot become victim to its push and pull.

Plan Your Destination Strategically

It takes more than just desire to plan a boating trip. You need maps, knowledge of the water, familiarity with your sailboat and (if you can get it) an experienced captain.

The surefire way to sink a ship is to set sail without any of those things. Sounds crazy right? It is, and yet many who pursue success do exactly that.

They make a plan but refuse to use the roadmaps and blueprints available to them. They have no knowledge or experience that they can rely on, and they often refuse to call on the help of more experienced individuals and mentors.

You can counteract this, if you’re smart and use your head. Learn to be strategic about your plan.

Are you ready to set sail on your success adventure?

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