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I’ve never been the kind of person who had posters of celebrities on my bedroom walls—not even when N’Sync and Backstreet Boys were the only CDs in my disc changer. I didn’t wear the T-shirts, I didn’t buy the fan club merchandise, I didn’t have a “favorite” member of the boy band.That kind of dedicated fandom seemed fun, but for some reason there was never anything I identified with so strongly...
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Work can be stressful and overwhelming—even in jobs we love. Add in personal pressures, and work challenges can feel much bigger than they really are.We can pretend that our professional and personal lives are in two distinct compartments, but life doesn’t work that way. We are one person—and work and personal always overlap.Last year I had a client whom I’ll call Evan. He had a very full plate;...
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I laughed when the doctor said we’d have to increase my meds once I move into our new open office environment, but I should have known this doctor has never cracked a joke before. “No really, you’ll need to learn new ways to focus and manage your attention in this new stimulating environment.”In a few months, SUCCESS and its parent company SUCCESS Partners is moving to new corporate headquarters...
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I read a borderline OCD'ish amount of books. I don't know how many I've read exactly—I'm too busy reading to count things. But I've been pouring through them pretty much non-stop since I was negative 9 months old, from when my dad started reading to my mom's belly, up until just 30 minutes ago when I took one of my many daily book breaks. It's a lot, whatever it is. My house could probably serve...
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If you were to survey people about the reasons why they don’t achieve their goals, the honest ones would say “I am the reason why.”We struggle with these mindset issues—self-sabotaging beliefs and fear, that take a toll on your life and professional success. If you’ve ever had a moment, a stellar moment, that you felt was a little “too good to be true,” you know exactly what I mean.You can thank...
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