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I was clueless and naïve when I first watched Pretty Woman, fantasizing and lusting over the romance of the movie. I realize now that my 17-year-old self only saw the fairytale love story—I was mentally skipping over the less lovely parts, like when Julia Roberts gets turned away by the snooty saleswoman on Rodeo Drive, simply because she didn’t fit the bill. “Big mistake… huge!”Fast forward to...
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Did you know almost 75 percent of us suffer from some anxiety about public speaking? Research says so.So you can probably relate to this question I received after speaking to a lively group of up-and-coming entrepreneurs: “How can I be more comfortable as a speaker? I’m never as confident as I’d like to be.” Haven’t we all felt that way before?Given my work as a consultant, business owner and...
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I spent my entire childhood playing soccer—from backyard shenanigans to rec leagues to my high school team. I played one season of coed intramural my freshman year of college, but between my full class load and part-time job, my busy schedule forced me to hang up my cleats and retire. But as soon as I graduated and started working a regular 9-5, my nights freed up… and I found myself missing...
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Lean in. Work smarter. Find a mentor.When we talk about women advancing in the workplace, the meme is the same: The corporate culture is working against you, that if you want to shatter the glass ceiling and break through the old boy’s network, you’ve got to get smarter and be more strategic about the moves you make.While I definitely believe that women are still bumping their heads against glass...
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