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Lean in. Work smarter. Find a mentor.When we talk about women advancing in the workplace, the meme is the same: The corporate culture is working against you, that if you want to shatter the glass ceiling and break through the old boy’s network, you’ve got to get smarter and be more strategic about the moves you make.While I definitely believe that women are still bumping their heads against glass...
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I was just at JFK airport, and the place was packed. The weather was acting up and everyone seemed stressed out. I was standing at the gate, waiting to board, when the airline announced that my flight was canceled. It was obvious that the guy in front of me was not a happy camper—because the first words out of his mouth were, “Here we go again!”That was it. That’s all it took. The spell had been...
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Three lines. That’s what I saw when I looked in the mirror. Fine little lines across my forehead that I never noticed before suddenly became all I could look at.I unfurrowed my brow, as I’m apt to do, but there was nothing to unfurrow. Those three lines were now immovable fixtures on my 35-year-old face.I’ll admit in nothing louder than a whisper that my first thought was getting Botox injections...
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So, no breaking of the Internet for you, huh?Despite your latest round of rock star-worthy funding, best-seller-to-be, fancy new CEO title, or launch of the most innovative campaign or product upgrade since Apple Watch pre-orders sold out and Jeff Bezos announced Amazon Dash, you’re just not as newsworthy as you had hoped—or to put it in a more cultural perspective, you’re not clickable.Let’s...
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