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The Results Guy: Deep Thinking

Stop, Reflect, Achieve.
Tony Jeary

In my book Strategic Acceleration, I zero in on the importance of clarity, focus and execution, which go hand in hand with tactical thinking for businesspeople.

It’s my belief that most people who own their own businesses could afford to step back and spend more time thinking, rather than acting impulsively. Those who can achieve greater perspective are usually able to make better decisions, and they understand that if the results they’ve been getting aren’t acceptable, no change should be off the table.

They may ultimately decide to change how they approach operating their business, but strategic thinkers never lose sight of what they want their endeavor to accomplish and why it’s important to them. That’s because strategic thinkers zero in on their High Leverage Activities (HLAs), things they need to focus on every day to execute their vision and achieve results that make the greatest impact.

If you’re not getting the results you want, it’s time to think about a new strategy. Start by writing down your top five to seven HLAs. Commit to spending the majority of your time focused on those. Eliminate or delegate other tasks, and watch how quickly you’ll achieve the results you’re seeking.

Post date: 
Jul 24, 2013

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