The Passion Test for Success: What’s Your Passion?

Take our test to discover your priorities for a fulfilling life.
August 18, 2013

Your passions are the pipelines to your soul. When you are connected to your passions, you feel happy, self-motivated, fulfilled, engaged and worthwhile. And when you are disconnected from your true purpose, you become unhappy and ultimately depressed.

We invite you to discover the top five things that matter most to you by taking a short version of the quiz in our book, The Passion Test. The quiz offers a taste of the process that will help you align your life with what matters to you—the meaningful objectives that will bring you joy and fulfillment.

Click here for a PDF of the quiz, and then follow the instructions below: 

START: Spend a few minutes to consider the open-ended phrases. Then write your simple, honest responses in the circles. If you feel your responses missed the mark the first time, repeat the test until it feels right. You might find your responses varying greatly (from Zumba dancing to reading autobiographies to rock climbing, for example), and that’s OK; just complete the phrase as honestly as you can.

REFINE: Now you’ll trim your list to the top five activities that will make your life fulfilling. Begin with your first completed Phrase 1 and compare it with your response for your completed Phrase 2. If you could have one or the other, which would you choose? (If it’s not clear, close your eyes and imagine you’re living Phrase 1 full-out and Phrase 2 is nonexistent. Then imagine you’re living Phrase 2 full-out and 1 is absent. Which feels better?)

Put your finger on the circle you choose and continue to 3; repeat the process through the last circle (you’ll probably need to use both hands). Wherever your finger ends up after that last circle is your No. 1 passion. Write that one in the first blank line at the top of the opposite page and draw an X through that circle. Now repeat the process four times, always skipping the marked-out circles as you compare your reponses in each circle, and write down the last one in the blank lines.

You’ve just discovered your top five passions.

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