QuickHit: Traveling Light... and Lean

Best practices for traveling from actor Russell Hornsby
November 14, 2012

 by: Russell Horsnby, co-star of NBC's Grimm as detective Hank Griffin 

My wife and I travel so much that we’ve got it down to a sweet science. I never fail to pack a toothbrush, my iPod and portable Bose speakers. I’m also a fan of bringing food on the plane—dry salami with crackers and Brie is just one of my favorite carry-on snacks. I also make my own trail mix with almonds, cashews, raisins, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, carob chips and coconut. When it comes to baggage, my wife and I always do carry-on. We inspect each other’s bags and suggest which items the other does or doesn’t need. The conversation will usually go something like, “You know you don’t need that extra pair of jeans. Last time you brought three pairs and only wore one.”



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