Makeover Your Dull Office

Invest a little time or money to get great returns in employee satisfaction
April 8, 2012

No one likes to spend the day in an unpleasant environment. But beyond giving everyone a room with a view, what can you do to make your team members have more enjoyable and productive workdays?

A September 2011 survey by Staples shows that employee wish lists include new furniture and upgraded technology. But there are other less-tangible complaints that might not require additional funding to remedy:

44 percent wished for less office politics.

41 percent wanted the opportunity to telecommute.

37 percent said they needed upgraded office technology.

35 percent wished for nicer or more comfortable office furniture.

34 percent wanted more flexible work hours.

34 percent also dreamed of more private work areas.

Surprisingly, more than half of office workers admit to leaving at least once a day for snacks or coffee, with some leaving as many as five times a day. Far from superfluous, a well-stocked break room might help raise the bottom line. Coffee and snack runs account for a total of 2.4 billion hours in lost productivity nationally each year.


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