Make Sense of Your Dollars with These Apps

Help with your finances may be as close as the palm of your hand.
July 22, 2013

HomeBudget ($4.99)

Apple users can track multiple accounts, set up reminders for monthly bills, add photos of receipts to keep up with spending and more with this expense tracker. Plus, they can sync and share everything with a partner’s iPhone and export it to the family desktop. By using the app's Family Sync feature, an entire household can work together within one single budget.

My Loan Calculator ($1.99)

It is what its name says: a calculator for evaluating loans. And it is capable of answering your questions about the financial details involved. iPhone users can evaluate up to three home, auto, student or small-business loans to understand their monthly obligations and the long-term costs associated with upgrading their lifestyles.

IRS2Go (Free)

The IRS wants to help you, the taxpayer, and they can with this app that connects you with them. Apple and Android users can track their refund status, check their most recent returns and get updates and tips from the tax man himself with the only app built by the IRS.

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