How Would You React?

January 31, 2008

Scenario: You have several projects coming at you at once.

A passive person would over-commit in an attempt to please everyone, but end up pleasing no one.
An assertive person would say, “I can finish two projects today but not three. Which two would you like me to complete?”
An aggressive person would get angry and say, “You are always asking me to do everything and I can’t do it all,” or an aggressive person would use hurt and say, “I love my job but I just can’t work this hard all the time.”

Scenario: A colleague has a problem with productivity.

An assertive person would say, “You take a lot of personal phone calls at work. We are a team here and I rely on you. What can we do to fix it?”
An aggressive person would yell and say, “I have to do everything and you never help me.”

A passive would just do all the work, not say a word and go home late and be tired and suffer in silence.
A passive-aggressive would be nice to the colleague while secretly trying to destroy him or her.


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