How to Implement an Energy Saving Campaign at Work

Website offers posters and collateral to educate
March 22, 2012

Is your energy consumption a bit piggish?

To help consumers measure and reduce their energy consumption, offers tips for saving energy at home, at work and on the go. Simple measures such as replacing old incandescent light bulbs with CFLs, using cold water for doing laundry and powering down your computer are all energy-saving tactics we’ve come to learn. But Boss Hogg, the hefty energy hog, helps schools and workplaces employ Hog Buster campaigns with free posters, photos and videos to post.

Mr. Hogg offers these tips for saving energy at work:

1. Activating the power-save function on your computer is a super-easy way to shave up to $90 a year off your utility bills. Exactly how much you save depends on whether you use a laptop or a CPU and a monitor and how long you currently leave your computer on for. Low power mode also helps equipment run cooler so it lasts longer. Get into the habit of turning off your monitor when you walk away for 20 minutes and your computer when you leave your desk for more than two hours, and you’ll rack up even more savings.

2. Cut related energy bills by 30 percent by purchasing ENERGY STAR products when shopping for office equipment and other products.

3. Seal off unused areas and reduce or eliminate heating and cooling in these spaces. Storage rooms, warehouses, and unoccupied areas are potential “energy hogs.”

4. Use “cheap solar power” — let the sun shine in to warm your home or office in the wintertime. During hot months, keep window coverings closed on the south, east, and west windows. Maximize the use of daylight without glare and provide daylight-responsive lighting controls to ensure 22 – 60% overall energy savings, 35 – 65% lighting energy savings, and 0.45 – 40% productivity gains, for returns on investments over 185%.

5. Twenty-five studies have shown that high performance lighting systems using LEDs, T8 and T5 florescent bulbs can pay for themselves in less than one year due to energy, productivity and health benefits.High performance lighting yields annual total energy cost savings of $82 per employee ($0.41 per square foot), annual productivity gains of $1,600 per employee, and annual health cost savings of $20 per employee, for total savings of up to $1,702 per employee annually.


Take the energy quiz at to find out if you’re harboring an energy hog habit. 

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