How Hires and Keeps Happy Employees

The online caregiver service looks to personality tests and key characteristics for hiring success.
October 7, 2012


Continuing to hire people who live up to the name of is critically important to CEO Sheila Lirio Marcelo as the Boston-area firm expands. To do that, Marcelo and other executives employ everything from problem-solving scenarios to personality testing in their extensive interview process. is an online service that matches families with housekeepers and caregivers for the elderly, children and even pets. 

“We do Myers-Briggs in the company, but we don’t do personality testing as a judgment. There are a lot of different personalities,” she says. “There are introverts and extroverts, There are great project managers and those who are more spontaneous. I think diversity is really very important.”

So, while not everyone at has to fit a specific personality type defined by Myers-Briggs, Marcelo looks for people who share the company’s core values. also looks for people with an entreprenureal spirit, which doesn’t always mean they want to be CEOs themselves. To Marcelo, an entrepreneur is a person who is creative, passionate, innovative and driven. “And they can be all of those and not be the boss in the room,” she says. “I think if they are striving to be the boss in the room, they are probably not a cultural fit for because it’s all about being collaborative and being comfortable in your skin.”


Five Keys for’s core values are embodied in the slogan “Be There.”  Employees must be:

TRANSPARENT: We communicate openly and encourage different ideas.
HUMBLE: We are not perfect and are always evolving and growing.
ENTREPRENEURIAL: We are fast-paced, passionate and can have fun in what we do.
RESPECTFUL: We hire and work with self-aware and kind people.
EXCELLENT: We take ownership and deliver with high standards.



In this video from, Sheila Lirio Marcelo shares why she founded the online care finding service. 


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