How 16 Successful Entrepreneurs Start Their Days

Your daily decisions turn into habits that shape who you are. Are you living the life you want to live?
March 13, 2017

Picture this. You wake up, look at your clock and think it can’t be morning already, and then sleep for another 15 minutes. The next thing you know, those 15 minutes have turned into 30. You’ve missed your breakfast and resorted to a drive-thru for a quick meal filled with fat, sodium and cholesterol. Now you’re late to the office and before you even open your email, you’re already stressed out.

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Was that extra bit of sleep really worth it? Probably not.

The truth is most of us form lazy habits that eventually form our personality and what we achieve in life. From staying up late to missing breakfast to skipping workouts, approximately 31 million Americans—nearly 10 percent of the population—are guilty of it all. But successful business leaders know how to start their day right, and it’s the key to their success.

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Check out the infographic below and adopt one of the 16 habits of successful business leaders to propel you to live a healthy life and reach levels of success you’ve only dreamt about.


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