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Company Tagline Quiz

Test yourself on your knowledge of influential company slogans and jingles
Jennifer Chang

When marketing expert Christine Brack gives advice on creating the perfect company tagline, "The best taglines tend to come from the gut,” she says. “When it’s getting close, get done with it.”

To test your knowledge of successful company taglines that stick, match up the slogan or tagline with its corresponding brand from the answer bank below. Have fun and click to Page 2 for answers once you're finished!


Ask about it at work.

Think different.

We answer to a higher authority.

Where's the cream filling?

Good to the last drop.

M'm, M'm, M'm, M'm, M'm... Toasty!

You are now free to move about the country.

Eat fresh.

What can Brown do for you?

That was easy.



Hostess Cakes


Promised Land Milk

Hebrew National


JetBlue Airlines


Apple Computers



Maxwell House

Folgers Coffee


Southwest Airlines

Office Max


Ask about it at work -- Aflac

Think different. -- Apple Computers

We answer to a higher authority. -- Hebrew National

Where's the cream filling? -- Hostess Cakes

Good to the last drop. -- Maxwell House

M'm, M'm, M'm, M'm, M'm... Toasty! -- Quiznos

You are now free to move about the country. -- Southwest Airlines

Eat fresh. -- Subway

What can Brown do for you? -- UPS

That was easy. -- Staples


For advice and tips on how to create a strong company tagline, read our article, Words to Work By.

Post date: 
Feb 19, 2012


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