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Chew On This

Not That

Julia Savacool

“People hear, ‘Eat five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day,’ and they think that means five servings of fruit is OK, but it’s too many calories,” says registered dietitian Brooke Schantz of Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago. “It should be two servings of fruit, and the rest should be vegetables.”

Jammed with vitamins and minerals, fruits are good for you, but it’s “a matter of how much you are eating. A single-serving size for an apple is the size of your fist,” Schantz explains. “Most apples are at least twice that big.”

But you actually can eat as many veggies as you want, except for high-calorie peas, potatoes and corn. “Most people can’t eat more than a cup or two of carrots or cucumbers without feeling full,” Schantz says. The takeaway: Stock your fridge with cleaned-and-cut veggies in sealable plastic bags to eat when the munchies strike.

*Image Courtesy of Alexandra Morrison

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