Be Mine

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Money is Green
February 13, 2013

American shoppers are expected to lay down north of $17 billion on their honeys again this Valentine’s Day, and only a third of that will go to the big-box stores, according to the National Retail Federation’s 2012 survey. Here is the breakdown on our spending, according to the survey:

The Objects of Our Affection

Significant others:   $74.12

Other family:   $25.25

Friends:   $6.92

Children's classmates:   $5.81

Pets:   $4.52

Co-workers:   $3.73

What are we buying? Mostly candy--51 percent of Valentine's Day shoppers, as well as flowers--36 percent. The survey also found that 53.8 percent of tablet-computer owners will use their devices to buy or research their Valentine’s Day gifts, while 40.4 percent of smartphone users will do the same. Online retailers will rake in 19.3 percent of purchases for the holiday.

On average, men will spend $168.74 for Valentine’s Day, while the average woman will spend $85.76. Only 58.3 percent of men plan to celebrate the holiday at all. One hundred percent of the others will be sleeping on the couch Feb. 14.


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