Adulting 101: 9 Life Skills You Need to Become the Ideal Grown-Up

This is not a test.
October 27, 2016

Adulting is hard. When you’re in the comfort of a classroom, finding solutions to the inevitable personal and professional problems of life is easy, even fun. When you have the opportunity to bounce ideas off a few hundred of your peers, you feel more confident in your decisions. But then life kicks in. You trade the classroom and backpack for an office and a laptop bag. Suddenly you don’t have the luxury of an hourlong discussion before making a decision—your answer was needed five minutes ago.

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All of this is part of life. It's forever changing and we must be ready to adapt along with it. Check out the infographic below and learn the best tips and tricks for finding yourself in the “real world.”

 Adulting 101: How to Think Outside the ClassroomSOURCE: ONLINE SCHOOLS CENTER

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