8 Small, Everyday Actions to Improve Your Health

Give a little bit.
October 11, 2017

givealittlebit_eggs.jpg1. Eat eggs for breakfast.

Eating protein first thing in the morning will keep you fuller longer and stabilize your blood sugar so you won’t crash later.

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givealittlebit_walk.jpg2. Sit less.

(particularly in front of the TV). When you’re watching TV, your metabolic rate dips below regular resting levels, closer to sleep levels. Swap 30 minutes of your regular TV viewing for walking.

givealittlebit_nuts.jpg3. Go nuts.

Food fads come and go, but nuts pack a tried-and-true powerful punch of protein and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. A handful is just enough to keep calories down and energy up.

givealittlebit_hourglass.jpg4. Single-task something.

Pick one important task and fully focus on it for 10 minutes. Notice when you have the urge to switch to something else, and pause mindfully without following the urge.

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givealittlebit_nails.jpg5. Incorporate self-care items on your to-do list.

Booking intentional recharging activities into your daily routine cuts down on the perceived need for self-rescue (“I need a drink” or “I need a treat”) that happens late in the day.

givealittlebit_meditate.jpg6. Meditate daily.

Start or end your day with five to 10 minutes quietly focusing on your breathing.


givealittlebit_workout.jpg7. Add physical activity between work and home life.

Take a brisk walk to your car (parked as far from the office as possible), do a set of planks or push-ups when you get home, or crank up the tunes and dance around the kitchen. Physical activity can reduce work-related stress.

givealittlebit_sleep.jpg8. Don’t go to bed grumpy.

Research shows going to bed in a bad mood not only affects your sleep, but also is predictive of chronic health issues 10 years later. Mentally list three things you’re grateful for before turning out the light.

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This article originally appeared in the November 2017 issue of SUCCESS magazine.

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