6 Tips to Spruce Up Your Office

How to keep your workspace clean and efficient
June 18, 2014

Cleaning isn’t just for homes. You can also purge and reorganize your workspace. Research shows that clutter can decrease productivity. The time spent looking for misplaced materials can ultimately affect a company’s bottom line. Here are some guidelines to create and maintain an efficient and organized office.

1. Enforce a “one-touch” rule: Touch each document and email only once. Read it, answer it and then file it in a manila or electronic folder, or delete it.

2. Minimize distractions: Avoid cluttering a desk with tons of pictures and other distractions. Maximize space by using empty walls for bookshelves or wall units.

3. Label storage for easy navigation: Use a label maker such as the Brother P-touch PT-P700 ($79.99) to create legible and durable labels to locate materials in a  hurry.

4. Digitize documents: Consider a standalone scanner to digitally store receipts, business cards and records in the cloud for easy  access.

5. Keep what you need within reach: Store working essentials—pens, pencils, staplers and tape dispensers—close by your side.

6. Organize in your free time: Slow day at the office? Use that time to straighten your workspace.

Find out how to create a personal work environment that’s steeped in comfort and happiness.


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