5 Ways to Keep a Healthy Holiday Mindset

Go ahead, eat another slice of pie.
December 9, 2016

The holidays should be about enjoying time with family, not worrying whether that second (or third) sugar cookie is going to come back to haunt you when swimsuit season arrives. But mindful decision-making never hurts and can help you avoid a New Year’s resolution focused on body image instead of a more meaningful one, such as finally booking that trip to South America or signing up for a painting class.

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Here are a few hints for keeping a healthy mindset during the holiday season. When you are…

At a holiday party

Whether it’s an office gathering or gift exchange, do your best to eat beforehand so you don’t show up starving. That way you’ll pick the treats you’ve been looking forward to rather than the ones that catch your eye first.

Cooking for the family

Although it might feel like the season of endless holiday parties and yummy leftovers, cooking at home as much as possible and making sure your fridge is stocked with plenty of healthy alternatives to leftover mashed potatoes and pie will counteract mindless snacking.

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Baking sweet treats

If you like to experiment with new holiday recipes, avoid being the only taste tester by bringing your latest batch of festive sweets to work with you.

Indulging in booze

Holiday cocktails such as creamy eggnog and White Russians can pack a deceptively large sugar and calorie punch. Try a cranberry martini or Irish coffee instead.

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On a tropical vacation

Sampling local fare can be big fun while traveling. Taste away, but fit in fruits and vegetables and eat just one indulgent meal per day.


This article originally appeared in the December 2016 issue of SUCCESS magazine.

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