5 Ways to Get Fit and Healthy at the Office

Wellness initiatives that actually work in the modern workplace
May 12, 2015

1. In-Office Yoga and Zumba
Try bringing in a yoga or Zumba instructor once a week to engage employees who care about fitness but aren’t interested in bulking up or whose reconstructed knees can’t run on a treadmill. Repurpose that conference room!

2. Nap Rooms
Sleeping on the job is no longer a bad thing. Many tech companies and global enterprises such as Google and The Huffington Post have outfitted their headquarters with nap rooms to help employees recharge and refocus after a long night of coding or catching a red-eye.

3. Wearable Wellness
Studies are starting to prove that the accountability that comes with wearables and tying technology to fitness goals can improve overall fitness. Companies such as Virgin Pulse and Apple are creating devices to bridge the gap between corporate wellness programs and wearable fitness tech.

4. Organic CSAs
Many enterprises are arranging for their offices to be pickup spots for local organic CSAs (community supported agriculture). This approach promotes healthy choices for all employees, and makes CSA participation more convenient for employees who work long hours. Plus it supports a local business and extends wellness benefits to employees’ families.

5. Solution-Based Stress Management
When it comes to work-life balance, the struggle is real. As one bleeds into the other, the anxiety can pile up, affecting performance and happiness at work and at home. When companies can provide solutions, such as helping the employee hire a housekeeper or providing emergency child care, it removes a layer of stress and helps employees focus on their  duties.

Staying healthy is challenging with a crowded calendar. Check out 10 health hacks for busy bodies—sneaky ways to look great, feel great and get happy.

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