15 Things You Can Do to Be Happier at Work

(According to science)
February 13, 2017

Employees have more self-determination in their careers than ever, but with the added independence many of us enjoy today comes a responsibility to look out for ourselves. Bosses are no longer parental figures, checking up on everything you do and rigorously establishing your work protocols; by and large, they expect you to regulate your own workload and to deal with problems as they arise.

It can be a stressful feeling for the average worker. You just want to do your job well and enjoy the rewards you’ve earned, but sometimes there’s too much on your plate and nobody to help. It’s in those moments when unhappiness starts to rise from the corner and taint everything around you.

A survey revealed some of the biggest reasons we feel unhappy are:

  • The feeling of being underpaid (46 percent)
  • Lack of opportunities to progress (34 percent)
  • Long inflexible hours on the job (31 percent)

Many will just put up with the situation until they decide it’s time to quit. But proactive careerists can use proven methods to improve their situation and grow into their role, ultimately becoming happier at work.

For example, if pay is an issue for you, it’s well worth speaking up. Contrary to the popular idea that asking for a raise at work is either taboo or flat-out pointless, 75 percent of those who try are successful. The trick is in doing your research: Figure out what your contemporaries in other companies are earning, outline your achievements and value to the boss, and if you aren’t successful this time, be sure to ask what you can do to improve your chances.

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Plenty of factors might be getting you down at work, from an unrealistic workload to a tiring commute; they can all be dealt with through a combination of changed perspectives and open dialogue. For some clues on how to do so, check out this new infographic.

15 Easy Things You Can Do Today to Be Happier at WorkSOURCE: NETCREDIT.COM

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