11 Ways to Stay Productive When You’re Tired

Your day isn’t lost.
April 17, 2017

Getting motivated is one of the key processes of business success. But staying motivated can be a more valuable achievement—especially when times are hard and your energy is low. Working long, brain-taxing hours is a strategy that can only last so long, and smart businesspeople know they need to take regular breaks: both coffee breaks and meaningful weekends. From time to time, however, there just isn’t the option to get away from the office. This is when you need some proven techniques if you’re to push on past the fatigue barrier and stay upbeat and productive.

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Even if means waving goodbye to your weekend off, a busy period doesn’t mean you should neglect to take your regular workplace breaks. Doing so is actually counter-productive because you will burn out sooner and your concentration will dwindle. Be disciplined, and make sure to take at least five minutes out of every hour. Stretch your legs, blend a smoothie, get yourself outdoors—the rest of the day will be more successful for it.

And if that abandoned weekend break is making you feel bad, consider switching up your environment at work to keep you energized and inspired. Try doing a couple of hours with your laptop in a nearby café or library, or at least moving closer to a window where the fresh air and daylight can improve your performance. You can also use music and essential oils such as peppermint to stimulate your senses and keep you focused. There will be many busy times in your life, so it makes sense to prepare for them in advance.

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Check out 11 such methods for staying productive when tired in the infographic below. Before you go any further, see how many you can action right now and see how accomplished you feel by the end of the day.


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